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DaisyDream ♥


I'm daisy_dream (:

Things about me: I….
-live in Canada
-try to go on LJ at least once a day :P
-love drawing so I do the occasional fanart
-love making icons and taking pretty icons
-listening to music (I have this thing for drama OSTs)
-love anything sweet
-love cute things (-.- but then, who doesn’t?)

I'm not a scary person, honest. I love talking and entry comments often turn into long conversations with my friends XD Therefore, my journal is semi-friends locked. I don't update too often but most posts are related to fandom with the occasional blurbs about my life.
I'm not sure how you came across my user, but IT'S NICE TO MEET YOU! ^^


Thanks to my obsessive friend who affected me with Arashi addiction, I am now a crazy arashi fangirl ♥ I’m still relatively new to this fandom, but I seriously love them more and more everyday. They make me laugh no matter how down I am. I love ALL the members, but I’m also Nino biased x)
After watching the drama Tumbling, I also love Tomo Yanagishita and Nissy (and pretty much the rest of the cast) ♥

If I were to list out all my fandoms, it would take too long, so just read my interests XD Not all of them are on there though, those are my major fandoms :P

My fandoms are always expanding, but these are my main ones right now. I have no intention of dropping them anytime soon XD


I really like meeting new people, and on LJ I have met some amazing people! If we share anything in common, I’d love to be your friend (:

To all the communities on LJ, I can't thank you enough. All your posts make me really happy! It’s my medicine for happiness that never ever fails (:

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